Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rivet Health?

Rivet, a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management, provides a cutting-edge platform that accelerates revenue for healthcare providers. By focusing on this crucial aspect of healthcare administration, Rivet ensures that providers can concentrate on patient care and growth, rather than the complexities of healthcare revenue cycle management. Our solution stands out in the field of healthcare revenue cycle management with its comprehensive suite of services, including modern payer contract management, advanced benchmarking, and modeling, accurate Good Faith Estimate patient estimates, automated detection of payment variances, and efficient revenue recovery for denials. With Rivet, healthcare organizations can enhance their speed, accuracy, and productivity, ensuring seamless and effective revenue cycle management.

Where is Rivet HQ Located?

Rivet is located in the metropolitan Salt Lake City, Utah area.

What are Rivet Health's Product Offerings?

Rivet excels in revenue cycle management by providing a comprehensive platform that addresses three key areas. First, Rivet's Patient Pricing feature revolutionizes revenue cycle management by aggregating essential data to generate automated and compliant patient cost estimates. This functionality ensures accurate and efficient patient billing, a crucial component of effective revenue cycle management. Second, our Payer Performance module enhances revenue cycle management by offering an intuitive payer contract management framework. This feature facilitates effortless benchmark assessments and contract modeling, while also acting as a vigilant monitor for underpayment detection and management. It streamlines the payer relationship aspect of revenue cycle management. Third, Rivet's Claim Resolution service is a cornerstone of our revenue cycle management solution. It tackles denials management head-on with customized workflows, views, and worklists. Which drastically minimizes effort and sharpens the focus of your revenue recovery team. Additionally, productivity dashboards provide essential project management and measurement tools, further optimizing the revenue cycle management process. Through these three areas, Rivet solidifies its position as a comprehensive solution for effective revenue cycle management in healthcare.

What is a Good Faith Estimate?

A Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is a detailed cost estimate provided to patients before they receive medical services. Introduced as part of the No Surprises Act, it aims to enhance billing transparency and prevent surprise medical bills. The GFE includes all expected charges, such as healthcare provider fees, facility costs, and any additional services. While it is a best-effort approximation, actual costs may vary. This initiative empowers patients to make informed decisions about their care and manage their financial expectations. Using an integration, Rivet's Patient Pricing solution gathers all of the necessary information needed to create a complete and compliant GFE. Rivet's software uses automation and will create a GFE in seconds.

Can Rivet Enhance Hospital Revenue Cycle?

Rivet serves as an excellent solution for hospitals looking to boost their hospital revenue cycle management and streamline operations. It simplifies eligibility and estimation processes for patient access teams, making it an ideal revenue accelerator. Additionally, Rivet provides an intuitive, automated platform that simplifies the management of back-office claims, healthcare underpayments, and claim denials, all aimed at maximizing revenue and increasing productivity.

Is Rivet Effective in Improving Revenue Cycle Management for Practices?

Rivet offers an optimal solution for provider practices seeking to enhance their revenue cycle management and operational efficiency. Rivet software streamlines eligibility and estimation processes for front desk teams, making it an invaluable tool for accelerating revenue. Additionally, Rivet simplifies the management of claims payments for back-office teams handling underpayments and denials through our intuitive and automated platform. Our software is purposely built for provider practices to maximize revenue and boost productivity in their revenue cycle management.

Can Medical Billing Companies Utilize Rivet Health?

Rivet is an Ideal choice for medical billing companies providing outsourced revenue cycle management services. Medical billing companies can unlock revenue potential and boost profitability for their clients with Rivet, the ultimate revenue cycle management solution for medical billing companies. Our intuitive revenue acceleration platform simplifies claims and benefits analysis, helping maximize revenue while enhancing productivity. Discover how Rivet can transform your outsourced revenue cycle management services to rescue client revenue and drive greater profits for your clients and your company.

What EHR Systems Does Rivet Integrate With?

Rivet, as an agnostic platform, seamlessly integrates with more than 30 practice management and clearinghouse partners, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your back-office operations. Learn more about our specific integration partners by visiting www.rivethealth.com/partners-and-integrations.

How Can Rivet Assist and Improve Payer Contract Management?

Rivet's Payer Performance solution is a powerful tool designed to streamline and fortify payer contract management. It excels in swift underpayment detection, expediting revenue recovery. The platform establishes a robust centralized foundation for payer contracts, bringing all crucial data together in one place. This centralized hub simplifies the modeling of favorable terms for new contracts, enables effortless payer comparisons to identify optimal partners, and offers quick access to claims analytics, providing essential insights into your claims, underpayments, and opportunities for revenue recovery.

How Does Rivet Improve Denials Management?

Unlike outdated legacy systems, Rivet revolutionizes denials management with its dynamic team worklists, user-friendly filtering options, efficient batch workflows, and personalized documentation for denial processing. Whether you're tackling individual or systemic issues, Rivet empowers you with the tools needed to conquer denials effectively. With crucial features like non-response tracking and productivity dashboards, healthcare organizations can proactively rescue their revenue and retain 100% of their recovered dollars, all without percentage-based fee collections.

Is Rivet’s Solution Compliant With The No Surprises Act?

Rivet’s solution is compliant with the No Surprises Act. Rivet’s Patient Pricing brings together all of the data needed to create automated, complete, Good Faith Estimate compliant estimates in seconds.