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Your client’s money is missing. Find it faster with Rivet.

Find more revenue for your clients using Rivet's core products: Patient Pricing, Payer Performance, and Claim Resolution.

Your clients rely on you to support their business and guide their best business practices so they can deliver the best care. That’s where Rivet shines. Rivet makes it easy to analyze and visualize claims and benefits with our customizable, intuitive revenue acceleration platform — built to maximize revenue and speed productivity.
“It’s nice that everything lives in one place, and I’m not going all over to find what I need or opening all these different spreadsheets. I have one central tool that I can track and monitor payments and move them into work lists depending on their completion status.”
Contract Management Specialist
“We’re so on top of our denials we’re getting claims off of our reports before they can even hit our reports. We’re no longer seeing denied claims become 180 days old.”
Chief Executive Officer
“Rivet has driven up revenue massively. It paid for itself in less than a month. Many EMRs have contract tools on the backend but they’re impossible to get to work right. Rivet even has orthopaedic-specific rules all figured out. I’ve never seen someone do what they do. The biggest thing is that we’re getting paid what we’re supposed to and Rivet helps with that.”
Chief Executive Officer

The Rivet platform


Revenue Diagnostics

Analyze your client's financial health and report at any time during the month using historical data x-ray vision to move the needle on revenue and confidently plan your next strategic initiative. Easily evaluate claim adjudication cycles, denials, and underpayments that impact your bottom line

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Payer Performance

Simplify and strengthen your payer contract management management to enable rate modeling, payer benchmarking and access claims analytics. And when variances occur - find out fast through auto-detection and facilitate revenue recovery with speed and ease.

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Patient Pricing

Your office team can create up-front, federally compliant Good Faith Estimates in seconds, build accurate estimates, run real-time eligibility checks, even supercharge your A/R by enabling upfront payments with just a click.

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Claim Resolution

Rescue the money your clients are owed in record time with flexible personalized worklists for any size team, easy filtering, batch workflows, and centralized and consistent denial processing documentation to help all your reps work and submit appeals like a pro. Streamline processes, conquer one-off problems and crush systemic issues.

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