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Software for medical practices

Let’s get your payers paying.

Practices that manage payer contracts the right way have higher reimbursement rates, resolve underpayments, and give patients accurate payment responsibility estimates on the spot. 

All of the above is simple with Rivet.

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Harness your payer contracts

Quickly find any rate, from any plan, from any payer. No more digging through separate spreadsheets or not knowing exactly how much you’re supposed to be paid in any circumstance.

Estimate patient responsibility

Rivet knows your fee schedules and patient eligibility information. Combined with our billing rules engine, estimate patient out of pocket costs accurately and instantly.

Resolve underpayments

Rivet combs through your claims to find anything that wasn’t paid correctly and works to help you resolve them, even the ones that used to be too small to be worth your time.

Negotiate better rates

With all the smarts available to you in Rivet, combined with our step-by-step workflows, you’ll know exactly what rates you deserve and have everything you need to go get them.

Model revenue scenarios

With Rivet, you can model incoming or proposed fee schedules against your current utilization. So you’ll always know if there’s a disaster lurking in a payer’s latest proposals.

Smarten up your schedules

Rivet stores your fee schedules so they work for you. Easily input proprietary market schedules, CMS markups, or even conversion factor-based schedules. Then use that data everywhere.

Be well-informed

Rivet’s robust analytics tools help you understand your payer relationships like never before. Quickly and constantly know who’s paying you and how.

Increase productivity

Rivet integrates with your email and fax accounts, and allows you to record phone call outcomes and take notes. Keep your colleagues in the know automatically.
Littleton Day Surgery

Although I had a pretty thorough understanding of the platform from our initial call, the “Kick Off” call proved to be everything that I was expecting and more. We are excited to jump in and experience Rivet.

Michael Meehan
COO, Littleton Day Surgery