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Healthcare has changed a lot over the years, but your tools haven’t. Rivet is a modern solution that maximizes payments from payers and patients, making it easy to get your practice the money it deserves.

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Your patient payment

Tell your patients exactly what they owe and collect payments with the click of a button. Make healthcare transactions as easy as they are everywhere else and improve patient A/R in the process. 


Create estimates

Transparent pricing isn’t just better care. It’s better business. Rivet’s wicked smart machine learning system reviews the accuracy of each estimate and adjusts over time so you get hyper-accurate estimates based on your own practice data, billing rules, and contract details.


Make contact

These days, it’s easier than ever to communicate. Bring that simplicity to your patient communication. Send estimates via HIPAA compliant text, email, or paper with the click of a button.


Collect up front

Patients are consumers, too. Make healthcare payments as easy as any other transaction. Join the one touch, mobile pay revolution and collect more than ever with up-front payments.


Payer Superpowers

Payer contracts and fee schedules are notoriously hard to track down and keep up to date. Understanding them can be even harder. Don’t sweat it. Rivet takes on the administrative work and gives you super powers to get the most out of your payers.


Manage payer contracts

Rivet retrieves contracts and fee schedules on your behalf, organizes them, and helps you make sense of each payer on a single dashboard, so you can focus on running your practice.


Model fee schedule rates

Manage your practice like the business it is. See how your rates change over time and quickly understand the impact of new fee schedules.


Optimize billed charges

What good is a great payer rate for codes you never even use? Tighten up your billed charges so your practice gets paid for the codes you actually utilize. 


Detect underpaid claims

Manually checking hundreds or thousands of claims a day for accuracy is not realistic. Automate underpayment detection and have confidence that you're getting paid what you are owed. 

Jennifer Davison
“Rivet has driven up revenue massively. It paid for itself in less than a month. The biggest thing is that we're getting paid what we're supposed to and Rivet helps with that."

Jennifer Davison Chief Executive Officer

Angela Miles
“Rivet takes the scary out of contracting. Contracting requires so many functions and data that can be daunting. Rivet automates those functions and makes sense of the data to make things simple."

Angela Miles Head of Revenue Cycle

Kellie Ickowski, Practice Administrator
“With Rivet we see cost savings in automating countless manual processes, less AR days, and in detecting underpayments. Plus, their customer support makes it feel like their team is right in our office.”

Kellie Ickowski Practice Administrator

Audubon-Womens Health

Time to get paid

Rivet integrates with any system, no matter what you use, so your practice gets paid what it deserves. Talk to the Rivet team today to get started.