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Contracted rates modeled

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Claims & remits audited

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Patient cost estimates created

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Patient OOP responsibility

We're here to improve your financial wellness.

Revenue Diagnostics

Finally revenue forecasting you can count on.

Advanced statistical models for accuracy
Real-time reporting with visualized, actionable insights
Granular metrics for deep dive information and root cause analysis
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Payer Performance

Your centralized information backbone for payer contracts, and fee schedules.

Easy to use contract scenario simulator
Payer benchmarking to discover overarching issues
Auto-payment variance detection

Patient Pricing

Delivers all the heavy lifting so you offer accurate information to patients in seconds.

Good Faith Estimates (GFE) No Surprises Act compliant
Seamlessly offers automated real-time eligibility and OON benefits
Contract management for accurate estimate valuations

Claim Resolution

Recover denied and non-response claims
in record time.

Lower overall denial rate through delinquent claim management
+ full rev cycle improvement
Maximize productivity with analytic dashboards, worklists
+ team assignments
Document instructions + best practices for scalable results
Platform agnostic to serve as your EHR's best friend
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