Recover revenue in record time
Rivet Claim Resolution can speed your appeals — right out of the box. A breeze to self-customize and filter work lists, help your team work denials smarter and create documented, scalable processes to get more done.

Rivet Claim Resolution in action

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Why Rivet Claim Resolution?
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The Problem

You’re leaking cash. Why is it OK to flush your revenue down the drain? It’s not. But it’s hard to find the leak, when you are in the dark.

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The Solution

That is where Rivet comes in. Think of us as the bright light you need to rescue your money. Since we are tailor-made for denials and other claim resolutions — we solve the issues from the ground up as an easy, to use, intuitive and highly customizable workhorse. With flexible team work lists, easy filtering, batch workflows, and personalized denial processing documentation we help you conquer one-off problems as well as systemic issues. Legacy systems were not built to deliver this way.  In the end we help you recover your money — and the kicker — you get to keep 100% of your recovered dollars — no percentage fee collections.

Rivet Claim Resolution Strengthens
claims analytics image
claims analytics image


  • Simple-to-view, understandable denial work lists
  • See big picture and specific claim views
  • Tailored worklist project management
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  • Easy filtering for group processing
  • Tailored worklists to help your team prioritize tasks
  • Customizable instructions to scale knowledge
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payer portal automation in Availity image
payer portal automation in Availity image

Speed to Appeal

  • Plugin feature supports 10x faster appeal through online payer portal form fill
  • Timely filing alerts to prioritize denials work
  • Export batch appeals for faster, easier sharing with payer reps
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  • Progress views to motivate each team member
  • Recovery data views for manager and rep
  • Measurable speed and submissions
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Claims analytics broken out image
Claims analytics broken out image

Claims analytics

  • Assess where denial issues occur
  • Benchmark payer experiences to manage your efforts
  • Delinquent claim auto-checks
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Provider partners demolishing Denials:
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Get more done

Easy, personalized worklists, custom filtering and a simple, smart design lets your team of one or more experts make the most of their time. Hunting for answers is minimized while the ability to process more denials with the same team is maximized.

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Learning from within

Since turnover and understaffing are constant issues that are likely to remain — Rivet provides a formalized learning ground to help your newest team reps consistently adhere to best practices. You can retain and document expert knowledge to assist freshly minted teammates to process denials like a pro. Your proven processes can be not only documented with a specific type of denial — but also attached to similar denials in the workload, simplifying processes and eliminating repetitive tasks.

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Rescue your revenue — faster

With Rivet on your side — your team’s efforts are multiplied, their processes streamlined and their abilities amplified. And the best part — when you recover the denial owed to you — it all posts to your account, without a percent lost to collections.

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Platform agnostic to serve as your EHRs best friend.
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