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Payer Performance from Rivet simplifies and strengthens payer contract management while delivering fast underpayment detection and facilitating revenue recovery in record time.

Rivet Payer Performance in action

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Why Rivet Payer Performance?
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  • Add customized
    views for future use
  • See both under
    and overpayment
  • Filter claims the way you'd like
  • See who's assigned
  • See line
    item details
Revenue earned is not always revenue realized.
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The Problem

Newsflash— you’re likely getting underpaid. It’s harder and harder to know what's expected from your payer contracts, especially when payment variances occur. 

In the end, you are left losing out on the revenue your team worked hard to earn. The knowledge to know what is actually owed, based on thousands of pages of contracted payer rates, accelerators, and accumulators means that along with eagle eyes to see through walls of opaque data — you need a system to cull and manage your payer contracts.

Without it, you are not only potentially leaving money on the table — you’re not able to model scenarios to negotiate for the most advantageous contract terms. It’s like you are on a teeter totter without a way to get your feet on solid ground.

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The Solution

Good thing Rivet can help you find not only your footing on payer contracts - but also help recover your money - fast. We build a solid foundation for you - centralizing your payer contracts like a backbone for your billing. With it all in one place - you can model the best terms for a new contract, compare payers to each other to know who is optimal and assess claims analytics to gain key insights on your claims, your revenue, and what money needs rescuing.

How Rivet strengthens your system:
Renewals and expirations for contracts image
Renewals and expirations for contracts image

Payer contract

  • Complete contract database for storage
  • Simple rate views with easy lookups
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Payer assessment to compare all payers image
Payer assessment to compare all payers image

Payer assessment &
contract management

  • Seamless comparison capabilities
  • Assess health of payer relationships
  • Export reports to share with payer reps
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Payer contract change modeling for negotiations image
Payer contract change modeling for negotiations image

Rate modeling

  • Explore potential changes to enhance contract negotiations
  • Create proposed scenarios to see how to maximize impact
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Auto-payment detection worklist image
Auto-payment detection worklist image

Auto-payment variance detection

  • Always on auditing detection to help identify to help identify short payments and why
  • Variance assessment identifies systemic issues to scrub at scale
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Individual claim work image
Individual claim work image


  • Batch features allows for easy trend issues to be delegated and appealed
  • Notation and documentation for tracking, reprocessing & resubmission
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Heroes recovering their revenue with Rivet
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Payer management data

Build a backbone for your data

Bring your payer contract data together to unlock the knowledge you need to fuel your business and your accounts receivable. With the right information at your fingertips and an easy way to make sense of it — you’re ahead of the curve that you did not know you could ever straighten out.

Payer management analytics

Know what’s right for your business

With a strong centralized data brain performing at its peak to help you recognize your revenue potential — Rivet delivers the must-have tool every practice who has to review, assess, manage and negotiate contracts needs to make the most out of every clause in the contract — from escalators to rates and everything in between that can make you the business success story you deserve to be.

Individual claim work page image
Line item detail for a claim image
Payer contract revenue recovery

Rescue your revenue — faster

Rivet turns on the light in your underpayment black hole by auto-detecting and reporting on payment variances — faster than most electronic management systems. Knowing where to dig for gold is only the first part of the equation — we also offer the easy-to-use platform on which to recover your revenue and resolve systemic submission issues with validation logic to correct future issues.

Go get your money, you earned it.
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