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Cut through the confusion of Good Faith Estimates, deliver on a better patient experience, and supercharge your A/R with Rivet.

Rivet Patient Pricing in action

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Why Rivet Patient Pricing?
Animated Estimate of patient costs image
  • Patient can see deductible and out-of-pocket remaining
  • Add automatic or personalized
  • See if patient is
    is eligible and how
    payment shakes out
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The Problem

You might not realize, but 92% of your patients want an estimate for their care — like they would receive for anything they are paying for. And now more than ever — they are the first to fund their own health care. How are you delivering for them? With the high demand for you to do more in less time, the No Surprises Act breathing down your neck, and the need to financially collect more of what is owed to you, it’s near impossible to deliver across the board.

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The Solution

With Rivet, tackling the demand for knowledge, clarity, compliance, and upfront payments  becomes a breeze for a team of any size. Our easy estimate generation engine pulls all of the right data together through a simple dashboard. By simplifying back-end accounts receivable work, we save you time and money. Rivet speeds your accounts receivables with deep features you need and extreme flexibility you want.

How Rivet Strengthens
Estimate generator image
Estimate generator image

Estimate Generator

  • Up-front NSA compliant creation in seconds
  • Easy to understand in multiple languages
  • Logic display for spot-check accuracy
  • Automatic write-back to EHRs
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Estimates Table automation image
Estimates Table automation image

Automated workflow

  • Drag & drop functionality makes it easy
  • Customize for internal codes, payment terms and more
  • Batch send texts & emails in just a click
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Upfront payment screen images
Upfront payment screen images

Upfront payment

  • Define unique payment terms — addressing both insured & self-pay
  • Creates audit trail for NSA & billing office
  • Speeds immediate receivables right through estimate
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Eligibility check information image
Eligibility check information image

Data collection

  • Pulls relevant demographic & insurance information from EHR or PM system
  • Performs automated eligibility checks and OON benefits from 900+ payers
  • Aligns your contracted rates with insurance benefits for accuracy
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Fee schedule management database image
Fee schedule management database image

fee schedules

  • All your contracted rates in one place
  • Simple, easy to view dashboard
  • Always current to reduce data lookups
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Customers living the Rivet life

No surprise here

The No Surprises Act is bigger and broader in 2023.

Stay compliant and get paid.

Your mighty team has a lot to accomplish; and that changes day-to-day. That’s where Rivet comes in. Rivet makes it easy to jump in at any time for any opportunity and pick up right where you left off with our intuitive, customizable and easy platform — built to maximize revenue and productivity.
Click here for our Good Faith Estimate 2023 toolkit
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Maximize your productivity

Leverage our deep features and data depth to customize, navigate, and produce more from your teams’ effort. Seamless and simple, Rivet contract management brings all of your data together to make modeling your next negotiation dead-simple. Our estimate, available in multiple languages, has logic verification to assure accuracy from the start. With Rivet, your team can do more and look up less.

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Speed your receivables

Create upfront estimates in seconds — so the patient can understand their expected costs without days of waiting. With easy to read and understand emails and texts reflecting the accurate cost information they want, prepayments are enabled and simply a click away.

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Delight your staff and your patients

Rivet has a true customer and patient centric design. The Patient Pricing product was created and is continuously improved by experts who are focused on ease of navigation, access and use. When the front office can deliver seamlessly for patients it’s truly delightful for all.

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