Modeling revenue impact on new fee schedules
In this webinar, RCM expert Andrew Harding will discuss mechanisms to identify when fee schedules change, and by how much, to realign performance metrics or negotiate with payers.
Payer contracted rates are
not all created equal
Know where yours stand among your
peers with Rivet Benchmark
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The Problem

Payers will say your contracted rates are “on par” with those in your geographic area, but how can you be sure? It’s difficult to get a handle on competitors' reimbursement rates without access to their data.

In the end, you are at the mercy of the payer and potentially being paid a lot less for the same items or services and are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to contract negotiations.

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The Solution

With Rivet Benchmark, you’ll gain the insights you need and have always wanted to have on where your payer rates stand compared to others in your market. Rivet currently offers rate insights for three of the largest insurers — Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare and are adding payers to the access list.

Finally you can stop wondering — start seeing where your rates fall and know where to strengthen your position with payers. You’ll gain clarity on the complexities of contracted fees to negotiate like a boss.

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