Trust starts with transparency

Helping patients understand the cost of care isn't just good business. It's better care. Rivet makes estimates easy for providers and patients.

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Patient First
Better transparency is better care
With accurate cost estimates, you don't need to worry about talking cost in the clinic. We'll do the hard work, so you can focus on delivering the absolute best total care.
Better Care
Intelligence Engine
Smarter estimates for your patients means less work for your team
Rivet reviews the accuracy of each estimate and adjust over time, so your estimates just get better. That means fewer questions and less work collecting and refunding later.
Modern communication suite
SMS and email so your patient actually gets it
Collections go up when you put the estimate where the patient can see it. No more snail mail getting thrown out with the junk.
Always ready
Have the answers your patient wants
You no longer have to explain that healthcare is complicated and you can't be sure of the cost.
Better collections
Get ahead of the bill
Introduce cost when it's still timely so the patient actually sees the bill coming. Or avoid the bill entirely and collect upfront.

Run your practice the smarter way

Upfront or you're doing it wrong

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Knowledge is power

And this power happens to get you paid faster.



See how many estimates your team creates by payer, service template, and team member

estimates accuracy>

Estimate Accuracy

Track the accuracy of your estimates over time and understand why they weren't accurate.

Universal Compatibility

Rivet can integrate with your system, no matter what you use.

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