What good is a contract you don’t understand?

Payers have made the modern contracting situation nearly impossible. Rivet makes it easy to get what you both agreed to.

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White glove document retrieval
Make the call — let us make the calls
Our payer management experts do all the work of rounding up your contracts, so you can focus on running your practice.
Underpayment Detection
Accurately detect underpayments
Our contract intelligence engine uses a deep understanding of payer rules and your contracts to accurately detect underpayments.
Underpayment collaboration
Work underpayments together — efficiently
Your whole team can work underpayments in Rivet with assignments, status, notes, and communication built into the product. No more messy spreadsheets.
Rate Modeler
See the future and show up prepared
Modeler empowers you to quickly understand the impact of new fee schedules or strike first by creating your own.


Knowledge is power

Get out of the dark. With Contracts, you'll know how your rates and schedules match up to each other and Medicare, as well as how they change over time. Contracts adds these reports:

pricing optimization-1>

Pricing Optimization

See how much money you're leaving on the table and create a new chargemaster so nothing slips through the cracks.

procedure comparison>

Procedure Comparison

See how your rates stack up for each procedure.

fee schedule evolution>

Fee schedule evolution

See how your rates change over time



See your denial rate by procedure, payer, and procedure, and track it over time.



See what percentage of billed claims you actually connect


Renewals & expiration

Quickly see your contract lifecycle so you can prepare to negotiate

Universal Compatibility

Rivet can integrate with your system, no matter what you use.

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