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When it comes to working denials, time is money. 
 Rivet optimizes, automates and enhances your team's workflow.

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Product updates
Collaborative Denials Playbook
Rivet helps your team record instructions, policies and payer contact info by denial type. Enable your team to learn collectively and avoid solving the same problem more than once.
Better Care
Intelligent Worklists
Your reps can start each day with a prioritized to-do list and never need to ask what they should work on next. Rivet can even group similar denials to spot trends and optimize efficiency.
Automated Forms & Letters
With automated forms and letters, Rivet saves your team the tedious work of filling out forms and eliminates the possibility of sending the wrong form or missing a data field.
Comprehensive Claim Views
See all the claim information with adjustment and diagnosis codes explained for you to have everything you need right in front of you.

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Comprehensive Claim View

See your claim information, with adjustment and diagnosis codes, easily organized and displayed to send reworked claims quickly.

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Create Team Workflows

You set the parameters and Rivet will automatically assign denials to your reps.

Universal Compatibility

Rivet can integrate with your system, no matter what you use.

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