Rivet + athenahealth work well together?

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25% of patients have avoided getting care due to the lack of price transparency?83% of patients want to see an accurate estimate of out-of-pocket costs before obtaining care?

If you’re currently using athenahealth to manage your practice, you could easily start leveraging Rivet’s well-integrated platform to send cost estimates to patients through HIPAA-compliant text or email to help satisfy your patient needs and streamline your processes. The Rivet platform even writes your patient estimates back into athenahealth for storage to stay compliant with federal Good Faith Estimate requirements. 

In addition, Rivet can integrate with athenahealth for denial appeals — serving both as a watchdog to know what is being worked on your behalf by their team and your own. For the appeals your team manages, we help your back office team significantly slow revenue loss and actually reduce your overall denial rate by 33%. And athenahealth practices get the special advantage of our integrations where you can monitor claim status in athenahealth while in Rivet, making denied claim reworks simpler and faster than ever. You can even send notifications from Rivet to athenahealth at any time to maintain your work how you see fit. With Rivet you get the visibility on productivity along with:

- Customizable templates and instructions to tailor your work and streamline processes

- Manager and team dashboards to monitor worklists, assignments and productivity

- Documented, scalable processes to get more done — faster — with simple, intuitive technology on your side

Rivet is the leading healthcare revenue accelerator for providers across the U.S. who want to focus on patients and growth — not chasing down what’s theirs. More insightful, feature-rich and easier to use than legacy systems, the Rivet platform rethinks back office payment processes, and delivers ease, speed and accuracy for up-front patient payments through estimates, revenue recovery for problematic underpayments, and the operating platform required to demolish denials. 

As an athenahealth marketplace partner, Rivet can help rev up your A/R collection.

You’re smart to work with athenahealth. Get even smarter about your money by leveraging Rivet and recouping your revenue faster.

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