March 2022 Product Updates

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Estimates: Use Estimates to provide good faith estimates and collect up-front payment from your uninsured and insured patients.

Learn more about Rivet's Estimates product.

Denials: Use Denials as a workflow management tool to analyze, assign, manage and rework denied claims. 

Learn more about Rivet's Denials product.

Underpayments: Use Underpayments as a workflow tool to analyze and rework payment variance. 

Learn more about Rivet's Underpayments product.


Enhanced benefit retrieval

We’ve enhanced the way we request benefits from payers, so now you can simply select the necessary service type in the service type dropdown. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 8.40.34 AM

Impact shown at top-of-page

See the impact estimates have on your business with new totals at the top of the estimates page.

Estimate totals

Notes available in estimates

Notes can now be added, edited or deleted in individual estimates at any time so you can keep track of important comments, questions and answers from patient interaction with your office. Rivet payments are automatically logged here.

Notes section on estimates

Appointment views + automation resources

Customize Rivet to fit your workflow: Save a filtered view of your appointment table and automate eligibility checks by appointment type(s).


Changeable font size on disclaimer + notes

You can now make parts of your disclaimer conspicuous to align with the Good Faith Estimate rules of the No Surprises Act. You can also make the font size for estimate notes larger than the disclaimer.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 12.39.08 PM

Estimates send as no-reply email

If you email an estimate, patients cannot reply to that email. However, you can put a notice in the signature as to where patients can reply.


Workflow customizations

Configure denial statuses in Rivet to better reflect your team’s workflow. Create new statuses, edit existing ones and delete ones you don’t need.

Loom vid

Anesthesia in fee schedule builder

Anesthesia base schedules are now in the fee schedule builder, so you can enjoy increased accuracy for anesthesia codes in payment variance calculations and estimates.


Easier fee schedule mapping

Don’t know which fee schedule to map a set of claims to? From the schedule crosswalk, you can now click to view individual claims that belong to an insurance product. Cross reference the patients associated with those claims with your PM system to better troubleshoot where to map the claims.

Schedule crosswalk

Resources for new users

As you add new Rivet users or products, a billboard will appear at the top of the page the user is unfamiliar with. These banners link to our Help Desk articles that’ll help the user get started and answer many of their questions.

Estimates banner
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.17.58 PM
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.17.35 PM

New welcome walkthrough

Every new Rivet user will now see our welcome walkthrough the first time they sign in. You can navigate out of the walkthrough at any time, but return to the walkthrough whenever needed.



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