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Send estimates in English or Spanish.

Rivet now offers Comply, a free Good Faith Estimate tool to create estimates quickly and easily for uninsured and self-pay patients.That means your team can be and stay federally compliant with the No Surprises Act with free software — as soon as TODAY!

All you need to get started are your charge prices and your self-pay reimbursement structure. With that in hand we’ll help you get going. 

After quick set up, you’ll have access to:

  • Estimate creation in seconds
  • Easy-send estimates through HIPAA-compliant email, text, or print in office
  • Customizable branding
  • Multiple language options
  • An audit trail for Patient-Provider Dispute Resolution 


Aren’t there other free solutions?

There are so many insufficient tools to assist your overworked staff in complying with the No Surprises Act. For example, CMS has a free downloadable Good Faith Estimate PDF, but it is not the easiest to use and extremely tedious to fill out. 

At Rivet, you’ll get a free, easy-to-use solution that will:

  • Keep your team compliant with federal legislation
  • Provide a more intuitive patient experience, with easy payment methods
  • Offer accurate estimates to patients
  • Allow you to collect revenue up front from patients

Besides having a stellar free estimate generator for self-pay patients, we also have accurate, automated estimate workflows for insured patients. 

Our complete Patient Pricing platform offers:

  • Accurate estimates for multiple treatments and providers
  • Fast estimate creation for insured patients, with multiple insurers
  • Automatic eligibility verification
  • Up-front patient payment
  • Integration with your EMR system

Also learn more about our other products: Payer Performance and Claim Resolution.

In a quick intro to our software and its features, you will see that using Rivet is easy money for your team!

Rivet Health is the leading healthcare revenue acceleration platform for hundreds of practices and hospitals across the United States. Rivet delivers provider growth by powering the empowerment of healthcare through incomparable technology. Learn more about how Rivet can accelerate your revenue. 

Schedule a quick and easy setup of our free Comply software.


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