Modeling revenue impact on new fee schedules
In this webinar, RCM expert Andrew Harding will discuss mechanisms to identify when fee schedules change, and by how much, to realign performance metrics or negotiate with payers.

Empowered Contract Negotiation With Contracted Rate Benchmarking Using Payer Data

Know how your insurance payer rates compare to everyone else’s in town using publicly available data.

You know your contracts need to be reviewed. You know you need to negotiate your contracts to get a better deal. But with so many other tasks on your to-do list, contracting can feel burdensome. With new competitor rate knowledge, you can empower your healthcare organization to negotiate rates confidently, knowing exactly how you fit into the market.

In this ebook, explore the legislation surrounding insurance payer rate data and the strategy of how to use this new information to boost your negotiations.

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Let your payer’s data drive revenue.