How to unlock more revenue from your payers through claims analytics

Collecting from insurance providers has become increasingly complicated—you’re juggling tons of claims, limited bandwidth on your team, getting the right data, dealing with multiple payers all with different processes and evolving regulation—you know the drill. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss the following strategies to improve collection from your payers and alleviate issues in RCM:

  • what reports you should use to analyze your claims and how to build better processes around reporting
  • how to identify revenue opportunities in undercharged, underpaid and large denials opportunity to build a new denials process 
  • And how to set up the operational aspect of implementing a process of analyzing claims. 

By improving the way you analyze claims you can not only unlock revenue you’re currently missing from your providers, but you can also protect yourself from potential losses in future revenue. This will lead to an uptick in your 2021 revenue and prepare you for 2022 contract negotiations.

Final Unlock Revenue Through Claims analytics