CEO Ted Ferrin Shares the Ups & Downs of Founding Rivet

December 1, 2023

November 2023 — Ted Ferrin, Rivet CEO and co-founder, was interviewed by Doug Noll for Authority Magazine, and shared his experience of founding Rivet as well as 5 pieces of advice he'd give someone starting out. 

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“There are decades-old healthcare companies with solutions that remain unchanged since the company’s inception. In comparison, Rivet is dynamic and exudes creativity,” Ferrin said. 

"Through our design and branding, our audience can tell we aren’t like your typical healthcare solution. It’s pretty, it’s clean, it’s modern, and it’s easy to use. At Rivet, we have a running joke that “healthcare deserves nice things too,” and we try to bring that creativity and freshness to everything we do," he said. Ferrin then later added: “It’s this energy and visual communication that sets Rivet apart from other companies in the industry.”

He reflected on his past and remarked on his aspirations for the future: "As a result of this funding and our team’s hard work, we are strategically positioned to maintain our market growth and innovation investment. In the current economic climate, a lot of companies are pulling back on investing in their team or are starting to play defense. In contrast, we are in a great position to be more aggressive than ever before."

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Rivet, healthcare’s leading revenue acceleration platform, protects provider revenues while delivering industry-renowned transparency on everything from payer contracts, overturning denials, forecasted net revenue, and patient costs. Rivet empowers healthcare’s administrative staff with sophisticated tools to manage, benchmark, and negotiate payer contracts, as well as auto-detect payment variances, handle delinquent claims, and quickly recover revenue after wrongful denials. As a partner-agnostic platform, Rivet seamlessly interacts with all EHRs to deliver HIPPA-compliant, secure good faith estimates to patients and facilitate upfront payments. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rivet believes clinicians deserve more from their revenue cycle tools and is offering a platform that levels the “paying field” between providers, patients, and payers for an elevated financial experience. For more information, please visit