Andrew Harding Dives into Denials Management Pitfalls

December 12, 2023

December 2023 — Andrew Harding, co-founder and VP of customer success at Rivet, addresses revenue cycle's worst nightmare — denials management — in a recent article in Physician's Practice. The article delves into how to truly optimize denials management through proper team resources, time management, analysis, and workflow improvement.

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Managing denied claims is one of the biggest headaches RCM leaders face. Utilizing software platforms (such as Rivet) empower teams to streamline workflow and improve management in the face of unique challenges posed by the industry. Current technology (such as Rivet) allows healthcare organizations to analyze data trends for a clear picture of where revenue is being lost, and keep up with deadlines through avoiding manual denials management processes.

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About Rivet

Rivet, healthcare’s leading revenue acceleration platform, protects provider revenues while delivering industry-renowned transparency on everything from payer contracts, overturning denials, forecasted net revenue, and patient costs. Rivet empowers healthcare’s administrative staff with sophisticated tools to manage, benchmark, and negotiate payer contracts, as well as auto-detect payment variances, handle delinquent claims, and quickly recover revenue after wrongful denials. As a partner-agnostic platform, Rivet seamlessly interacts with all EHRs to deliver HIPPA-compliant, secure good faith estimates to patients and facilitate upfront payments. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rivet believes clinicians deserve more from their revenue cycle tools and is offering a platform that levels the “paying field” between providers, patients, and payers for an elevated financial experience. For more information, please visit