Modeling revenue impact on new fee schedules
In this webinar, RCM expert Andrew Harding will discuss mechanisms to identify when fee schedules change, and by how much, to realign performance metrics or negotiate with payers.

Unmasking Hidden Revenue Through Optimized Denial Workflows

Join us August 15 @ 12 PM PT

Sure, denials are not new. They've hampered providers since, well, providers started billing insurance companies. In addition, revenue leakage continues to plague all providers. Aside from simple identification, you can level up your team through benchmarking and improving productivity by implementing workflow efficiencies and to cut down on low-value touches. In doing so you'll unleash your A/R team to make their biggest impact and increase recovered revenue.

Brought to you by Jill Arena and Health e Practices, RCM expert, Andrew Harding from Rivet will share ideas on how you can make changes to your denial workflow to gain more control over your A/R, increase productivity and optimize your recovery processes.

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Learn from industry experts about how you can change your denials management!

By improving your denials workflow, you can better resolve current denials and get your company the revenue it deserves. Create a claim rework process that’ll make 2023 one of your best revenue years yet!