Let's Break Down the No Surprises Act

Download this free ebook to take a deep dive into the No Surprises Act. We know this isn't a new topic, but it does require compliance from you and your team.

Key points of the No Surprises Act

- Both providers and health plans must assist patients in accessing health care cost information (“good faith estimates”).
- Patients are protected from receiving surprise medical bills from gaps in coverage forEMS (including air ambulances) and certain services provided by out-of-network providers at in-network facilities.
- Providers and insurers have access to an independent dispute resolution (IDR) process to settle reimbursement disputes.
- Patients can be held liable only for their in-network cost-sharing amount, thoughproviders and insurers have the opportunityto negotiate reimbursement. No benchmarkreimbursement amount will be set

Mockup-no surprises act