Rivet CPE Administrative Record Retention Policy


Administrative Record Retention Policy

Documentation regarding the attendance of our CPE accredited webinars will be available for 6 years following each webinar. Record policy records include the following: 

  • Webinar participants, their names, emails, and office names
  • Participant’s duration in the webinar and if they attended for the full duration 
  • Webinar registrations 
  • Any sort of participation in the webinar (such as questions asked, polls participated in, etc.) 
  • Dates and locations of webinars
  • Webinar Presenter/Author and webinar reviewer information 
  • Number of CPE credits earned per participant and hours attended
  • Webinar announcement materials, email and landing page copy
  • Results of program evaluations 

Webinar Reviewer and Author Policy 

Rivet’s policy is to have a licensed CPA and revenue cycle management expert review every new webinar for subject matter expertise and data factuality. Rivet will ensure that the CPA’s active licensure status is maintained, with their status number and all proper CPA documentation. Rivet will also ensure that the webinar authors are RCM subject matter experts with real world consulting experience and stay up-to-date with revenue cycle events and regulations. 

Rivet’s Policy on Webinars Cost and Refund Policy

Rivet webinars with CPE credit will be offered free of charge to all attendees. The webinar is open to all who wish to attend, within and without Rivet. No refunds will be given as there is no charge. 

Rivet’s Webinar Cancellation Policy 


Rivet will maintain and hold each webinar unless extreme circumstances occur. If the webinar has to be cancelled, 24-hour written notice via email will be provided and a follow-up webinar will be rescheduled within 3-5 business days. 


Complaint Resolution Policy 


If there are any complaints due to the nature of the webinar (i.e., how it was presented, the information presented, or how the webinar was marketed) please contact Briton Page, Marketing Manager at briton@rivethealth.com. A response will be provided within 1-3 business days. 


Webinar Course Update Policy 


Rivet strives to update their material to keep everything up-to-date and beneficial for each attendee through group internet based programs of online webinars. Each new webinar and most recent publication will be reviewed before each presentation. Each webinar will have the most recent date that the webinar has been reviewed. If any revision is made to the webinar, the CPA will review and accept the newest version. Within reason, Rivet will update the presentation for the newest codes, laws, rulings, decisions, interpretations, etc. that affect the subject content of the presentation. Regardless of changes stated above, the content matter will be reviewed every year by our subject matter expert. Rivet will ensure that the webinar sponsored content is up-to-date on a regular basis and will ensure that everything remains technically accurate. 


Prerequisite Education and Experience


The program level of Rivet’s educational webinars are intermediate in nature. We recommend that potential participants have at least one year of previous experience working on the revenue cycle side of healthcare. This will insure that all participants understand the phases, terminology, and laws and regulations we mention in our webinars.