Modeling revenue impact on new fee schedules
In this webinar, RCM expert Andrew Harding will discuss mechanisms to identify when fee schedules change, and by how much, to realign performance metrics or negotiate with payers.

How to Increase Revenue Through Proper Denials Management and Prevention
CEU Webinar
May 10, 1PM ET

Did you know that more industry leaders reported an increase in denials in 2022 than reported a decrease? Combined with staffing shortages and hiring difficulties, most teams are understaffed and overworked. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss how to properly manage your denials to get the most revenue back for your company through the following strategies:

• Identify the root cause and eliminate costly back-end work.
• Capture the low hanging fruit of revenue leakage.
• Improve your revenue cycle process to reduce the error rates.

By improving how your team handles denials, you can not only fix your current denials and get your company the revenue it deserves, but also prevent them from happening in the first place. Make 2023 one of your best revenue years yet with Rivet!

Recover revenue from your denied claims

In this webinar, RCM expert Andrew Harding will discuss denial management processes and best practices that you can implement at your business.

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