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Rivet is a modern revenue cycle product suite that integrates with your EHR to allow you to see the big picture of what’s going on in your practice with payer contracts, fee schedules, denials and underpayments. Check eligibility and provide accurate up-front patient cost estimates before services are rendered. The Rivet team will help you aggregate your fee schedules and input your claims data to enable you to increase revenue and decrease A/R days.

Rivet was built to be used everyday by healthcare practices. Below, we summarize each Rivet product, share some example scenarios you can envision yourself in right now, and then see how modern, intuitive software can solve your grievances.


Product: Estimates

Estimates is a price transparency tool that offers you eligibility checks, patient cost estimates, up-front patient payments and payer contract management.

Day-to-day issues you encounter Estimates solutions
I have a full schedule of patient appointments that need eligibility checks. Easily fit Rivet into your existing workflow by automating eligibility days before your patients come to the office.
It’s hard to create accurate estimates for patients with complicated circumstances such as multiple payers, treatments, providers and facilities, so I can’t provide a good estimate for them.

Estimate patient responsibility for patients with multiple levels of coverage.

Create a single, comprehensive estimate for patients who will see multiple providers; have multiple visits; or receive care comprising professional, technical and/or ASC services.

I can’t quickly answer my patients’ questions about how much treatment will cost. Offer patients accurate, on-the-spot estimates and provide full or partial payment options through PHI compliant text message or email.
I want to reduce patient A/R days and increase patient collection. Increase patient collection and reduce liability up front with same-day billing.


Product: Denials Management

Denials Management is a detection and workflow tool that offers you a collaborative database, automated forms and letters, a comprehensive claim view and intelligent worklists.

Day-to-day issues you encounter Denials Management solutions
Payer policies are stored in one place, appeal forms in another, and so much information lives in individual team member’s heads. It’s impossible to share learnings or quickly train new team members. All of your past work in Rivet is saved in one database, so you can solve a problem once and use that info again and again on similar denials, no matter which team member works a particular denial.
I redundantly input data and check and recheck all of our appeal forms before sending them out.

Automate forms and data fields in Rive so you can reduce error and manual data entry.

I constantly break down remits and jump between multiple screens to get all the information needed to appeal a denial. Organize your claims data with Rivet’s simple layout. You’ll see all the line item claim details, adjustment codes and diagnosis codes all in one place so you can easily solve problems.
We spend so much time simply trying to identify what claims have been denied and assign them to the right people that we barely have time to resolve them. Rivet automates your team members’ task lists, tracks all your denials to completion and helps you stay on top of deadlines.


Product: Underpayments

Underpayments helps you detect, analyze and resolve underpaid claims through payer contract analysis, claim payments auditing, underpayments analysis and underpayments workflow management.

Day-to-day issues you encounter Underpayments solutions
I have to audit many claims manually to find claims that need to be reworked. Automatically detect inaccurately paid claims so you can avoid wasting time and get paid faster.
It’s difficult to track why claims are being underpaid and how extensive of an issue specific underpayments are.

With just a few clicks, you can see exactly why claims are being underpaid so you can address the root issue with the payer.

It’s difficult to manage the resolution status of every underpaid claim. Easily track all of your underpaid claims to resolution and quickly see what’s left to complete, even when you assign claims to individual team members.
Managing payer contracts is tricky with the vast amount of payer contracts and health care providers we manage. Rivet will store all of your contracts in one place so you can easily keep everything up-to-date and negotiation ready.


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