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In this article, you’ll see how Rivet customers answer our commonly asked questions.

Rivet is a modern revenue cycle product suite that allows you to see the big picture of what’s going on in your practice with payer contracts, fee schedules, denials and underpayments. You can also check eligibility and provide accurate up-front patient cost estimates before services are rendered. The Rivet team can help you aggregate your fee schedules and input your claims data to enable you to quickly increase revenue and decrease A/R days.  

But what is Rivet really like for customers? What do they think of our products, customer support, etc.? Here’s what our customers have to say about Rivet.

What are Rivet products really like?


Estimates is a price transparency tool that offers you automated eligibility checks, accurate cost estimates, up-front patient payments and payer contract management.

Mindy Powell, Physician Liaison at Sound Health Services, said she loves Rivet’s ability to acquire patient benefits and estimates in a matter of minutes. Before trying Rivet, she used to wait on hold through a lengthy automated system or jump from insurance portal to insurance portal just to verify insurance coverage. On top of all of that, Mindy would then look up allowables and do the math required to offer a cost estimate. Now that Mindy has used Rivet she said, “Rivet is the best resource I’ve seen!” 

And Mindy isn’t the only one who’s tried to offer estimates on their own. 

“We were using an Excel spreadsheet for our estimates before Rivet,” said Christine Clingman, Director of Revenue Cycle at Northwest Orthopaedics Specialists. “It was not as reader friendly for the patient. The spreadsheet had many info boxes that patients didn’t understand or need to know.”

Christine felt Rivet is a more modern solution that’s sped up their process overall, and she said, “we’re also able to get the estimate out to the patient quickly, allowing the patient to pay using their computer or phone—technology that patients have come to expect.”

Stephanie Collins, COO of Austin Retina Associates, told us that patients have also come to expect price transparency. “Rivet’s estimates show exactly what patients are being charged for, how much of the deductible the patient has met, and how we’re applying it,” said Stephanie. “It makes having the financial conversation really easy and keeps the patient informed. Not to mention, it has helped us get better at collecting from patients up front so we don’t have to chase the money on the backend.”

Before trying Rivet, some customers have worried about collecting inaccurate payment up front, increasing refunds and decreasing efficiency for their team members.  

Jennifer Davison, CEO of Vero Orthopaedics, said Rivet made their business work more efficiently, not less."We do about 50-100 estimates per week using Rivet," said Jennifer. "Patients don't have surgery without prior collection and Rivet helps us know exactly what to collect. We had one employee whose sole job was refunds but Rivet has lessened that burden. Now we can move her to focus on another part of the business."

Denials Management

Denials Management is a denial detection and workflow tool that offers you a collaborative database, automated forms and letters, intelligent worklists and a comprehensive claim view.

Allison Snow, Analytics & Implementation Manager at  Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute said of Rivet’s denial management tools: “It is amazing. Our PM system has something like this but not as forthcoming. You can drill down into details, (reason for denials, preventable things), see where we are spending resources and prevent denials from even happening.”


Underpayments helps you detect, analyze and resolve underpaid claims through payer contract analysis, automated claim payments auditing and underpayments analysis and workflow management. 

Travis Seymour, Contract Management Specialist at Starling Physicians Group, maintains 23 specialties, 35 physician groups and approximately 300 providers. Since setting up Rivet, Travis said Rivet’s been a great tool to maintain contracts and identify underpayments much faster than he could before. 

“It's nice that everything I need lives in one place, and I'm not going all over to find what I need or opening all these different spreadsheets. I have one central tool that I can track and monitor payments and move them into worklists depending on their completion status.”

Vero Orthopaedics CEO Jennifer Davison said they could only do spot checks on underpayments before Rivet but “with 450 claims a day, it’s impossible. We’d only check a few times a day.” Now that Jennifer can show physicians exactly what they’re being paid by each payer, it really opened everyone’s eyes. “Rivet has it all figured out,” she said. “Just yesterday Rivet flagged inaccurate Aetna payments. That's huge.”


Intelligence is a claims data analysis tool that offers you claims analytics, net revenue reporting, adjudication history and denials detection.

"When we did a Rivet demo, I just fell in love with it,” Tonia Bateman, Business Office Director at New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants said. “I loved the analytics piece, the reporting, that it was so easy to use, that you could drill down in different ways, and that it integrated with our practice management system. I knew this is what we had to do and it’s been a great investment for us.

What does Rivet’s return on investment look like?

"Rivet has driven up revenue massively—it paid for itself in less than a month," said Jennifer Davison of Vero Orthopaedics.

Travis Seymour of Starling Physicians Group said they have absolutely seen a return on investment. “The current list of underpayments I’m working on will pay for the tool by itself and that’s huge.”

“With Rivet we see cost savings in automating countless manual processes, less A/R days and detecting underpayments,” said Kellie Ickowski, Practice Administrator at Audubon Women's Medical Associates. “Plus, their customer support makes it feel like their team is right in your office. There’s a major peace of mind knowing there’s nothing falling through the cracks.”

How does Rivet compare to other systems?

Tonia Bateman of New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants said her practice utilized Experian for their contract management and underpayment detection before trying Rivet. “It's a massive undertaking when you're trying to even find your contracts, your fee schedules, all of that,” she said. “Experian was the best of its kind 10 years ago when we got it, but it was really hard to use. I had 5 or 6 staff members go through the training and it was not very user friendly. After a long week of training all day my staff was still confused.”

In fact, Experian was so complex to use that Tonia had to name a sole team member to champion their Experian efforts constantly. “We had to create our own reports to get back the underpayments,” she said. “It wasn’t user friendly and it didn’t have a good support system.”

On the other hand, Tonia said, “Rivet is 1,000 times easier to use than what we were using before. We started out having two of us using Rivet and now 15 of our staff can use it without the need of formal training. It’s so user friendly. Wherever you need or want to go is, for the most part, self explanatory.”

What does Rivet’s customer support look like?

Tonia said, “With Rivet, I feel like I have a partner. It's not just a company throwing a software program at me: I have a support team to help me every step of the way.”

Travis Seymour of Starling Physicians Group said they actually had a slow start with Rivet. “We spent a good amount of time configuring Rivet up front, and continue to work on things such as payer crosswalks, but now I can easily verify underpaid claims.”

Lindsey Beam, Patient Accounts Specialist at Northwest Orthopaedics Specialists, has worked with many vendors whose support reps ask for feedback on their products but never make the changes she’s looking for. “With Rivet,” she said, “I don’t feel like that’s the case. When we have an idea, Rivet’s willing to look at it and you’ve even changed a few things! It doesn’t fall into a black hole.”  

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