September 2022 Product Updates

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Watch out for Spanish estimates, use new columns and filters and so much more!

Estimates: Use Estimates to provide good faith estimates and collect up-front payment from your uninsured and insured patients.

Learn more about Rivet's Estimates product.

Denials: Use Denials as a workflow management tool to analyze, assign, manage and rework denied claims. 

Learn more about Rivet's Denials product.

Underpayments: Use Underpayments as a workflow tool to analyze and rework payment variance. 

Learn more about Rivet's Underpayments product.



Benefits on treatment 2+ are now editable

Edit the deductible and out-of-pocket on treatment 2, treatment 3, etc. to make adjustments on estimates, as needed.

Adjusted benefits will cascade down to following treatments. For example, if you edit benefits on treatment 2, the following treatment (3) will be based on the edited amount.

treatment cascades


No Surprises Act generic disclaimer

The generic estimates disclaimer now includes the threshold for the Patient-Provider Dispute Resolution (PPDR) process. Under the No Surprises Act, uninsured or self-pay patients may dispute a bill if the bill is $400 or more than their estimate.

Be sure to update estimates before scheduled items/services and keep good record of unforeseen circumstances to avoid patient-provider disputes.

Estimates en Español coming soon

Keep your eyes peeled because Spanish estimates are coming soon! Spanish estimates will be available to print in-office or send via text or email.


Assign a set of claims to multiple team members

Assign a claim or a set of claims to multiple team members to customize assignments based on your team's workflow.

multiperson assignments

Add contacts to instructions

Create a log of who said what and who to follow up with using the new contact dropdown in instructions.

contacts in instructions


New line item workflow tools

New tools found in the sidebar of individual claims allow you to easily see valuable information such as adjustment codes or categories to help you as you work through denials or underpayments.



View claims from the insurance crosswalk

See how many claims pertain to your payers in the insurance product crosswalk. Click a number in the "Claims" column to see the full list of claims for that payer.

insurance crosswalk

New business unit filter in 'Analytics'

Filter by business unit in any section found in "Analytics" to refine your work list or analysis.

BU filter

Supervising provider column added

Use the supervising provider column in the Underpayments worklist or claim view to get a better picture of your claims.


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