June Rivet Updates

Summer break is starting, but we’re still working hard here at Rivet! Check out how we’ve upgraded Rivet’s functionality and estimates. And we have two new things coming soon: Claims Analytics and Denials Management. Read to the end for details about being part of our special Denials Early Adopter Program.

Coming Soon: Claims Analytics 

  • Soon, you can filter and segment your claims data to quickly identify trends and drill down to the specific claims driving them. Easily review what’s happening in your practice and where you can increase revenue.

Estimates Improvements

  • Patients can now make multiple payments on an estimate, reusing the link they already paid with. Now, splitting payment across multiple cards is simpler and paying some up front and the rest at time of service is easier than ever.
  • Payments made over the phone or on another system can now be recorded in Rivet to help you more accurately track payments and follow up with patients who haven’t yet paid.

Usability Improvements

  • Rivet will now remember your filters and sorts as you navigate away from, and then back to, a table. 

  • Work payment variances for similar types of procedures more easily now by filtering line items by CPT code group in addition to individual CPT codes. 

  • We’ve made multiple updates to the payer crosswalk to make it easier and faster to map payers.

Coming soon: Denials Management

  • Rivet is launching its very own Denials Management product in October 2021! 

    Sign up for our Denials Early Adopter Program by the end of June, and you'll receive a 50% discount on the product and get to test out features we release early for free.

Want to know more about our denials management software or Rivet's other products? Schedule a demo.

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