Easy Ways to Communicate with Providers

By Misty Smith, CPC, COSC

Billing + Coding Expert

Rivet Customer Bluegrass Orthopaedics

Billers and coders often need to communicate with providers for various reasons such as to clarify an item or service performed or for additional documentation to prove medical necessity. Your line of communication with providers can come in one of two ways: written communication or verbal communication. Here are tips to enhance your communication with your providers so you can capture every penny of revenue owed.  

Written Communication 

  • Be clear and concise. Stick with the main points and know your content. Do not overwhelm them with too much information.

  • Break it down. Do not write “like a coder.” Use lay terms to convey your point.

  • Be professional and formal in your style of writing. Do not use all caps. Proofread for mistakes, focusing on spelling and punctuation. 

  • Encourage questions and feedback. This creates the opportunity for the two way street of open communication. Allow them time to process the information and respond. 

Verbal Communication 

  • Establish an in person relationship with your provider. Schedule regular meetings, either one on one or team meetings to keep everyone on the same page. Decide the frequency of the meetings, set them up quarterly as the default or call a meeting sooner if an issue arises.

  • Prepare and know your content. Be ready to present and stay aware of non verbal actions that may come across negatively. Keep your arms open and relaxed and be sure to use a normal amount of eye contact.

  • Know your content, but do not lecture. Encourage interaction. Be open to listen, ask questions, and be prepared to answer some. If you do not know the answer, research the answer(s) and follow up.

  • Be personable and approachable. Even quick interactions in the office outside of organized meetings can be an opportunity to communicate and connect with your provider to help build that relationship and put the face with the name.

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