December 2021 Rivet Updates

Last month we added prior auth alerts and single sign-on. This month you can add Rivet estimates to your pre-existing software, add advanced assignments to your denials workflow and more!


Rivet Estimates in current software 

Software providers (for patient registration, patient billing, EHR, PM, etc.) who want to provide patient cost estimates without the heavy lifting can now incorporate Rivet’s estimates functionality into their current product via API. 

Use Rivet in your current software to automate estimates based on your appointment schedule; send estimates and payment requests in existing patient communications such as appointment reminders and more. 

Learn more about Rivet Estimates via API

Software companies interested in providing estimates or Rivet customers seeking to integrate with their existing systems, contact us at

Developer documentation is available here.


Denials Management

Advanced assignment rules

If you want to assign out denials to your team using more than one rule, you can now use advanced rules in Rivet to set up those automated assignments.

Create any number of rules with the following filters: 

    • adjustment code 
    • billing provider 
    • business unit
    • category 
    • class of contract
    • CPT code
    • modifier
    • patient last initial
    • payer 
    • and rendering provider. 



New filter in the denials worklist

You can now add a CPT grouping filter for a more customized view of your denials worklist.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 10.37.55 AM


New autofill field options

We’ve added many patient, subscriber and miscellaneous autofill field options on denial appeal forms to make your forms more customizable.

Untitled (9)

Learn more about Denials Management

Implementation Tracker

Improved support for new customers

To enhance proficiency from the get-go, new customers will now log into Rivet for their account setup status before their account goes live. They’ll see their implementation manager’s contact info, target “go-live” date and tasks left to do, as well as items we have in progress and latest activity done for their account. 

Implementation Tracker

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