April Rivet Product Updates

The seasons are changing and spring is in the air! Rivet is making lots of changes as well—and this month’s updates are not only improving your usability, they’re improving your overall experience.


Estimates improvements

  • Rivet’s new multi-payer feature allows you to estimate patient responsibility for patients with multiple levels of coverage, taking into account what earlier payers will pay.
  • Our new multi-treatment upgrade allows you to create a single comprehensive estimate for patients who will see multiple providers; have multiple visits; or receive care comprising facility, non-facility, and/or ASC services.

Eligibility improvements

  • Rivet now detects demographic information discrepancies between what’s on file and what was submitted for an eligibility check. Easily reduce demographic information-based denials in minutes.
  • Medicare eligibility responses now differentiate between Part A and Part B eligibility.
  • Eligibility checks now have clearer error messages and calls to action so you can more easily troubleshoot problems on your own.
  • Rivet now automatically includes subscriber information on dependent eligibility checks to ensure that covered patients will show as eligible.

Payment improvements

Rivet’s payment table now includes card type and the last four digits of the card used to make searching for and posting payments a breeze.

EHR integration stability improvements

For Athena users:
You can now automatically post patient payments to your Athena practice management system. This allows your team to send an estimate with an attached payment request and reconcile payments on the backend with a higher degree of automation and a lower risk of manual data entry errors.

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