How did Rivet get accepted into the AAOE Peer Review Program?

The American Association of Orthopedic Executives (also known as the American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives or AAOE) recently added Rivet to the Peer Review Program™  for Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Vendors.

This program evaluates vendors of orthopedic products, services, and solutions to recommend vendors that best fit AAOE members' needs. AAOE's thorough 11-step process gave Rivet the chance to provide materials and access to customers and prospective customers for actual end user and voice of customer surveys. 

Rivet passed AAOE's strict adherence to the following values: 

 - Enhanced productivity for the individual user and customer’s organization

 - Ease of installation and use 

 - Accuracy and reliability 

 - Good value for the price 

 - Excellent technical support and customer service  

AAOE found through their customer survey that 95% of respondents would recommend Rivet's solution, 100% of respondents said their practice has increased productivity because of Rivet, and 90% of respondents said that Rivet provides good value. 

Rivet's addition into the AAOE Peer Review Program™ highlights how Rivet's solutions are specifically moving the needle on revenue cycle management for orthopedic practices nationwide. 

Sherri Lewis, director of revenue cycle at BoulderCentre for Orthopedic & Spine and AAOE member, recently told the online outlet RevCycle Intelligence that she has had an ROI of 3,000% from using Rivet. Lewis said her team recently renewed their contract with Rivet and looks forward to more success using Rivet's solutions. 

Read the AAOE announcement about adding Rivet to the AAOE Peer Review Program™.

Rivet’s financial diagnostic and revenue cycle operations platform has helped healthcare providers across the country effectively manage the financial demands of today’s challenging healthcare landscape — from handling compliant estimates, accelerating up-front payments, delivering price transparency, managing payer performance, and everything in between. 

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