2020 Rivet Updates

Not only was 2020 a year to fight a global pandemic and appreciate a sourdough starter, it was also a year of growth—especially here at Rivet. For the Rivet team, 2020 was a year focused on enhancing our features and improving your experience. 

Up-front patient payments

Whenever you text or email a Rivet estimate, you can also request payment with the click of a button.*

Secure mobile-friendly options

Request some or all of estimated costs with Rivet's estimates, modern messaging options, and one-click mobile payment. Plus, send email receipts. Improve patient experience and decrease patient A/R in one swoop, especially now that the percent pay function defaults to 100%.

Monthly reconciliation

Get the gross amount to your bank account, with a monthly direct debit for more competitive processing fees to make reconciliation simple.

*Processing fees apply.

Eligibility and estimate improvements

Since efficiency is out #1 priority, we're doing more to add value to your eligibility check and cost estimates.

Automated appointment preparation

Pull in your upcoming appointments and automate eligibility days before your patients come to the office. 

Easier estimates

Improve the accuracy of your estimates by adding in code-specific coverage details such as standard coverage, fully-covered, copay only coverage, or patient pay. We also added a customizable letterhead. 

Procedure code flexibility

Add non-standard CPT/HCPC codes to both your chargemaster and saved service templates, as well as marking a code non-covered.

Eligibility smart retry

Invalid demographic information? It happens. When it does, Rivet will automatically submit different demographic combinations to return back valid eligibility. 

Multi-payer eligibility 

Simultaneously run primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance to check deductible, out-of-pocket, coinsurance, and copays. 

Default service types across providers

Easily configure a specific service type for each NPI to reduce the amount of manual clicks your team has to complete. 

Payment variance improvements

Understand payers more fully to get the payment you want, when you want it. 


The underpayments workflow updates allow you to view and filter on both payer and plan level. 

Improvements to our underpayments engine and data sources (i.e., 835s and 837s) mean you'll see fewer false positives in the underpayments report. 


Rivet can detect overpayments for complete, high-fidelity payer auditing. Understand your payers more than ever and avoid tedious refund requests. 

Managing your workflow

Use notes and assignments, status indicators, and smart filters to customize and elevate your experience. 

Other Notable Updates

Seamless EHR integration

In addition to EHR integrations via HealthJump and HL7, Rivet now partners directly with Athena, AdvancedMD, Nextech, and Caretracker to more easily integrate your data. 

We also invested significant resources in 2020 to improve the overall stability, reliability, and monitoring of our EHR integrations across the board.

Heightened usability

Ease of use is one of the primary reasons to buy Rivet, and continues to be a major focus for our team. In 2020, we made it easier and faster to get your work done with our floating estimates pane, table formatting, clickable table rows, SuperSearch, and improved sorting and filtering.

Dynamic fee schedule

With frequent changes of common fee schedules like the CMS ASP Drug and CMS RBRVS, Rivet will automatically push out new versions of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and CMS based commercial fee schedules to help keep your contracted rates current. 

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