Our mission

Paying for healthcare should be as easy as paying for anything else.

At Rivet, we’re building tools that give providers and patients transparent pricing and seamless transactions.


Ted Ferrin
Paul Draper
Andrew Harding
VP of Customer Success

Who we are

We are an ambitious and optimistic team of individuals working to achieve uncommon excellence in ourselves and the company we’re building. We have conviction that a better healthcare experience exists for patients and providers, and we’re building it brick by brick.



Where we're from

From healthcare to software, our team brings together a deep, diverse range of professional backgrounds to revolutionize the way that patients and providers experience healthcare transactions. We’re just getting started. Join us on our mission.




Trusted by practices nationwide

“With changing coverages, deductibles, and eligibility, it can be hard to produce truly accurate estimates at scale, but with Rivet, running eligibility, estimates, and collecting upfront is a quick, one-stop shop.”

Jennifer Davison, CEO of Vero Orthopedics

See Rivet in action

Healthcare has changed a lot over the years, but your tools haven’t. Rivet is a modern solution that maximizes payments from payers and patients, making it easy to get your practice the money it deserves.

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