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Cut your A/R in Half with Intuitive RCM Tools

Cut your accounts receivable days in half and collect what you're owed with fewer staff hours through Rivet's patient cost estimates, denials management, underpayment workflow and more.

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The proven playbook to collect more. Faster.

The most intuitive RCM toolkit the industry has ever seen; all backed by world-class customer support. 


Patient Cost Estimates

Run eligibility checks and provide accurate cost estimates, even for multiple payers, treatments, facilities or providers.

Collect payment up front via HIPAA compliant text or email. Reduce A/R days, collect more revenue and increase patient satisfaction all at once.


Denials Management

Identify, analyze and resolve denials, as well as track ROI from reworked claims.

Automate denial assignments to team members via Rivet, and leave notes and links along the way to resolve future denials even faster.

Denials Management

Underpayment Workflow

Insurers routinely underpay U.S. healthcare providers by 7–11% on average.

With Rivet Underpayments, you can detect underpaid claims and easily investigate why they’re happening. Then simply correct, manage and track underpayments to resolution.

Underpayment Workflow

Save Time with Powerful, Easy-to-Use Analytics.

Stop juggling spreadsheets. 

Centralize your claims data, payer contracts, and fee schedules in one powerful analytics center to report faster and collect better.



Analyze and Improve Claims

Understand the big picture of what's going on in your practice. Drill down to the details and trends behind claims issues with claims analytics to know how to increase revenue this year. 

Analyze and improve claims

Manage payer contracts

We'll help you retrieve contracts and fee schedules, organize them and help you make sense of each payer on a single dashboard so you can focus on running your practice.


Model fee schedule rates

See how your rates change over time and quickly see the impact of new fee schedules, so you can manage your practice like the business it is.


Identify Adjudication History

See the adjudication history of a claim and the details of every EOB related to a claim to analyze how broadly applicable any issue is in your claim set. 

Identify adjudication history
Jennifer Davison
“Rivet has driven up revenue massively. It paid for itself in less than a month. The biggest thing is that we're getting paid what we're supposed to and Rivet helps with that."

Jennifer Davison Chief Executive Officer

Angela Miles
“Rivet takes the scary out of contracting. Contracting requires so many functions and data that can be daunting. Rivet automates those functions and makes sense of the data to make things simple."

Angela Miles Head of Revenue Cycle

Kellie Ickowski, Practice Administrator
“With Rivet we see cost savings in automating countless manual processes, less AR days, and in detecting underpayments. Plus, their customer support makes it feel like their team is right in our office.”

Kellie Ickowski Practice Administrator

Audubon-Womens Health

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