Hospital Sales & BD

Rivet is an early-stage, venture-backed SaaS startup building sophisticated software for healthcare providers to make the U.S. healthcare system more transparent via a reimagined payer intelligence and patient billing infrastructure. We are located in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley in Utah (open to field-based professionals given the nature of this position).

We aim to work with a special talent with a proven history opening the door into hospital (not medical group or dental) sales and partnership opportunities, a knack for product development and early-stage collaboration, and an ability to navigate the buying process and close sales and partnership-oriented relationships. Whether you have been a partnerships expert, #1 sales rep, or seasoned VP of Sales or Biz Dev, the most important thing to bring to the table is a network and track record in the hospital space driving products and relationships forward.


  • 8+ years experience in hospital partnerships, sales, and/or product development
  • Familiarity with revenue cycle management technology and processes
  • Ability to open, manage, and close opportunities in the hospital space 
  • Comfort dealing with early-stage product development and customer collaboration
  • Passionate and motivated to power patient cost and billing transparency in the U.S. healthcare system

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